You are not dumb.

Programming is hard. Even the best programmers get stuck. Don't get discouraged.

Everyone says they love learning, but learning is mostly struggling and failing until you finally figure something out.

If you want to grow you have to accept pain.

— Justin Kan (@justinkan) March 22, 2019

We’re all winging it. I promise you, even the experts. Especially the experts; we’re dealing with cutting edge problems and there’s no playbook. We’re all figuring it out as we go.

Be kind to yourself. Try to figure out what it is you should do, not what the right answer is.

— Angela Bassa (@AngeBassa) March 1, 2019

"We've enjoyed interviewing you Scott, great job on all these real-world not-whiteboard interview tech questions. One last question. You've been coding for 25 years. What's the Markdown for a URL with custom title text?"
"Can I google it?"
"I'll show myself out."

— Scott Hanselman (@shanselman) March 22, 2019